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Weekly INsight: OOPs

Doug McMillon, Walmart CEO, gets it, and if his team follows his lead and executes his vision, Walmart may prove to all of us that Amazon can be beaten at its own game.

Weekly INsight: JUST BE THERE

All the latest marketing speak has focused on the importance of engaging with our customers and creating experiences to inspire them to buy. JBT = Just Be There.

Weekly INsight: IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications

The new role of marketing is to understand and meet (at a minimum) the expectations & needs of the consumer, making it easier to do business with the brand.

Lead Generation’s Dirty Little Secret

Thinking about a list acquisition email campaign for lead generation to grow your business? Learn the pros, cons, best practices and realistic expectations.

Sending bulk emails using your work Outlook?

Have you always wondered why sending bulk email to multiple recipients from your work Outlook instead of an ESP is a bad idea?

Data hygiene

Importance of data hygiene: Q & A with Jim Vilter

Without good data, your message or creative will always fall short. Data hygiene is the foundation for successful marketing. For best results, clean and repeat often.

Facebook ads

Digital Marketing 101: Facebook ads

Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called Facebook? We walk you through how to successfully use Facebook ads as a strategic part of your marketing toolkit.