How to Influence How Your Customers Feel

Convincing customers that they need what you offer is not as effective as finding a way to market to their current needs and wants.

Generation Playbook

INtelligent Direct: A Marketer Generation Playbook

Marketers focus mainly on three generational cohorts that are actively contributing to the majority of online/offline purchase behavior in the United States.

INtelligent Direct: Navigating the Customer Journey

Your customers are going from point A to point Z with a number of intended and unintended stops along the way. Therefore, it is critical to understand all the touchpoints along the way and how they may impact your customers’ final destination (purchase) or however you define that final stop on the journey.

INtelligent Direct: How to Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out in the Mailbox

While previous blog posts focused on the strategy, intelligence and tracking of your mail, this post will look at some ways to create a mailer that will look, feel and even smell different than the direct mail you find in your mailbox each day.

Weekly INsight: EVOLUTION

As the digital ecosystem evolves, marketing teams are faced with a significant opportunity to readjust their thinking and capture the power of direct.

Weekly INsight: Focus First

Focus first is a significant challenge for marketing teams, because in the age of modern-day marketing, there are too many options.

INtelligent Direct: Three Ways to Stand Out in the Mailbox

Consider the potential ROI of executing a direct mail campaign that stands out in the mailbox, rather than one that blends in.

Weekly INsight: Because We Can

Customer loyalty was the holy grail of marketing. Fast forward to marketing in the Age of NOW, it’s not your customers’ lifetime value to your brand that’s important; it’s your brand’s lifetime value to your customer(s) that is important.