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Data hygiene

Importance of data hygiene: Q & A with Jim Vilter

Without good data, your message or creative will always fall short. Data hygiene is the foundation for successful marketing. For best results, clean and repeat often.

Facebook ads

Digital Marketing 101: Facebook ads

Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called Facebook? We walk you through how to successfully use Facebook ads as a strategic part of your marketing toolkit.

Email subject line

Email Marketing 101: subject lines and preheaders

If you don’t give careful thought to the subject lines and preheaders of your marketing emails, your carefully written content may never even be seen. We walk you through some guidelines.

International Echo Awards

International ECHO Awards judges include CEO Tom Harding, plus other employees

CEO Tom Harding is leading the way as he and other employees are a part of the International ECHO Awards judges set to review submissions after July 2 deadline.

favorite books and podcast

ID Approved: favorite podcasts and books

For the latest in our ongoing series, ID Approved, we catch up with a couple employees to discover what they recommend for your summer reading and listening pleasure.

remote workers

Building a community for remote workers

Read how remote work changed the life of one ID employee – and the projects he manages.


Do a giveaway the right (and legal) way

Do you know the difference between a contest and a sweepstakes, and when to run either promotion (the right way)?

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