Essential Precampaign Planning Questions

Before running a direct marketing campaign, take the time to design it correctly and make sure everyone is on the same page. If not done correctly, a campaign can tarnish your image and result in lost money. Read on for some helpful pointers:

Goals and Expectations

  • What are the objectives of the campaign?
  • Is the target being provided with a call to action, and have attribution rules been determined for linking such action back to the campaign?

Data to Make It Happen

  • Would the source data benefit from appends?
  • Is the data up to date and clean, and are the relationships and joins understood if multiple files/tables are involved?


  • What audience level should the campaign be deduped to (e.g., if residential, should it be at the individual, household or address level) and what criteria determines the surviving record?
  • Is the best target audience made up of prospects, customers or a combination of the two?
  • If only a portion of the eligible population will be targeted, what is the select hierarchy that will determine record ranking?

Design and Execution

  • Will testing be part of the campaign, and is there knowledge about what has and hasn’t worked well in the past?
  • Will the campaign be one-time, or will it include multiple touchpoints?
  • Will the campaign include more than one channel (e.g., direct mail, email, IP targeting)?
  • What records should be suppressed from the campaign, and is there a system in place for gathering undeliverables and honoring do not contact requests?
  • What reporting is desired, and how is success being measured?

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Jim Vilter • April 5, 2019

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