How Marketers Can Balance Data Privacy Concerns & Personalization

AI can create highly targeted marketing strategies by analyzing vast amounts of data, but this raises significant concerns about data security and the potential misuse of personal information​.

Understanding Digital Ad Impression Pacing: Navigating the Impact of National Holidays

Various factors can influence impression pacing, and one significant factor is the occurrence of national holidays.

The Green Revolution: Making Direct Mail Sustainable and Fun!

Let’s sprinkle some sustainability magic on this old-school marketing tactic!

Beyond The QR Code Scan – Tracking Powered by UTM Codes

Enjoy greater insight into which pages QR code scanners visited after the scan. 

Demystifying the Art of Crafting HTML Emails

Many marketers think that a flat design is where it ends. That is only the beginning of creating responsive HTML emails.

Digital Images 101 for Marketers

To the naked eye, images for print and digital might look the same, but what you don’t “see” matters the most.

What Marketers Need to Know About QR Code Security

Everything you need to know about QR code security: the risks, definitions and what to really worry about.

Email Marketing Hot Subject Line Topics for Q4 2023

Getting email recipients to open your email is no easy task in Q4’s crowded inbox. Here are hot subject line topics to help!

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