How Marketers Can Balance Data Privacy Concerns & Personalization

AI can create highly targeted marketing strategies by analyzing vast amounts of data, but this raises significant concerns about data security and the potential misuse of personal information​.

Understanding Digital Ad Impression Pacing: Navigating the Impact of National Holidays

Various factors can influence impression pacing, and one significant factor is the occurrence of national holidays.

Unlocking Insights: A Senior Database Marketing Analyst Shares Expert Answers to Your Burning Questions

Identifying insights in a dataset to help target effectively isn’t wizardry.

Privacy Compliance & Consumer Communication Preferences

What consumers really need/want is a communications preference center so they can choose what and where they want to see your messaging.

What Marketers Need to Know About QR Code Security

Everything you need to know about QR code security: the risks, definitions and what to really worry about.

Email Marketing Hot Subject Line Topics for Q4 2023

Getting email recipients to open your email is no easy task in Q4’s crowded inbox. Here are hot subject line topics to help!

Smart Cost Savings Strategies for Direct Marketers

The biggest factors impacting postal and distribution costs are delivery type, how it is sorted, the way it is transported, and where it is delivered.

Elevating Visual Creativity: How Generative AI Empowers Marketers

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) offers marketers innovative ways to streamline and enhance their visual content creation efforts.

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