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Weekly INsight: Focus First

Focus first is a significant challenge for marketing teams, because in the age of modern-day marketing, there are too many options.

Weekly INsight: Highs & Lows

Customers are not just on a journey. They are on many simultaneous journeys, and each of those journeys will, in some way, impact your business.

Weekly Insight: Good Vibrations

Smarketing is an abbreviated way of saying Smart Marketing, if you have a lisp. Actually SMART is a great acronym to describe the key elements of marketing.

Weekly INsight: Emotional Intelligence

If brands live in the consumer’s mind, every message, conscious or subconscious, needs to add to the emotional quotient that builds to a sale.

Weekly INsight: The First Step: Listen

Listening is a science but we treat it as an art. Marketing is losing it focus because it is not listening – to its data, customers, prospects, and stakeholders. It’s time to change this.

Weekly INsight: Hell Yes, It’s Personal

Brands are directly impacted by how customers do business with them. The reason all customers are not the same is because each one is on a personal journey with every brand. Where the customer is on the journey determines how we stay connect.