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INtelligent Direct: Marketing Attribution with Google UTM Codes

If you use Google Analytics on your website and you want to understand where traffic and/or conversions are coming from so you know what activity is attributed to your marketing efforts, then read on.

INtelligent Direct: Navigating the Customer Journey

Your customers are going from point A to point Z with a number of intended and unintended stops along the way. Therefore, it is critical to understand all the touchpoints along the way and how they may impact your customers’ final destination (purchase) or however you define that final stop on the journey.

Weekly INsight: Focus First

Focus first is a significant challenge for marketing teams, because in the age of modern-day marketing, there are too many options.

Weekly INsight: Highs & Lows

Customers are not just on a journey. They are on many simultaneous journeys, and each of those journeys will, in some way, impact your business.

Weekly Insight: Good Vibrations

Smarketing is an abbreviated way of saying Smart Marketing, if you have a lisp. Actually SMART is a great acronym to describe the key elements of marketing.

Weekly INsight: Emotional Intelligence

If brands live in the consumer’s mind, every message, conscious or subconscious, needs to add to the emotional quotient that builds to a sale.

Weekly INsight: The First Step: Listen

Listening is a science but we treat it as an art. Marketing is losing it focus because it is not listening – to its data, customers, prospects, and stakeholders. It’s time to change this.

Weekly INsight: Hell Yes, It’s Personal

Brands are directly impacted by how customers do business with them. The reason all customers are not the same is because each one is on a personal journey with every brand. Where the customer is on the journey determines how we stay connect.