Unlocking Insights: A Senior Database Marketing Analyst Shares Expert Answers to Your Burning Questions

Identifying insights in a dataset to help target effectively isn’t wizardry.

APIs Simplified: Securely Transporting Data from Point A to B

Data exchange via API requires creating an API and giving API access to parties to consume the data.

The Death of Third-Party Cookies … Eventually

How will marketers be impacted by Google ending support for third-party cookies? Read on…

Statistical Significance for Marketers

What audience size do you need to get a statistically significant and clear test winner?

Marketing Operations No-Nos

Who owns communication governance on your marketing operations (MOps) team?

Who Is The Best Target?

Making effective use of marketing resources depends upon correctly anticipating these three things about future customers:

Spring Cleaning Your Email Database

Spring is the best time to clean your email marketing database of invalid email addresses.

Prospect Email – The Right Way

What types of email are safe to send in your email service provider (ESP) platform and what types are NOT safe in 2021?