INtelligent Direct: Marketing Attribution with Google UTM Codes

If you use Google Analytics on your website and you want to understand where traffic and/or conversions are coming from so you know what activity is attributed to your marketing efforts, then read on.

INtelligent Direct: Essential Precampaign Planning Questions

Before running a direct marketing campaign, take the time to design it correctly and make sure everyone is on the same page. If not done correctly, a campaign can tarnish your image and result in lost money.

INtelligent Data: Test Expectations vs. Reality

Sometimes marketers are confident that a marketing campaign’s test versus control analysis will turn out a certain way, only to be surprised by the results.

INtelligent Data: CASL and GDPR Compliance Best Practices for Marketers

Marketers, as regulations like CASL and GDPR enforce compliance with dollar signs, and lots of them, make sure you dot your Is and cross your Ts and DO NOT assume IT is handling it.

Weekly INsight: Data, Data Everywhere

Data is the plankton that feeds the marketing ecosystem.

Weekly INsight: 20/20 Marketing in the Age of Disruption

20/20 focus has to begin with the metrics that drive your brands. It’s this detail to focus that will allow the creative thrust to deliver the right message to the right audience.

Big data

Weekly INsight: The Sphere of Knowledge

As soon as we learn something new or apply a new idea into practice, we quickly realize we missed something and that’s why our perimeter of ignorance lengthens. This is why marketing can never rest or become stagnant.

Weekly INsight: 2018 – The Year We Flip the Switch

Marketing teams are facing multiple challenges in 2018. Will they rely on the traditional excuses or find new ways to grow the business.