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INtelligent Direct: The Rules of Email Engagement

For anyone sending “eBlasts” on a marketing automation (MA) platform, listen up! You’re in for a world of frustration and deliverability woes. Why? Because marketing automation platforms, although technically capable, are not designed to batch and blast.

INtelligent Data: United States Data Privacy Regulation Coming Soon

You know it’s coming, right? Do not fear! You have plenty of time to take action between now and 2020, but we recommend to start sooner rather than later to become compliant.

INtelligent Direct: Five Tips to Avoid Being Filtered

Because ISPs and email server filters are adjusting their algorithms to handle the volumes of emails hitting them, and they are taking subscriber engagement metrics into consideration, avoid the filters with these five tips.

INtelligent Direct: The Untapped Potential of Transactional Emails

What options are you left with if people opt out? What additional exposure can you have with your subscribers if they’re still opted into receiving emails but aren’t engaging with emails that do get delivered?

INtelligent Direct: Why the $%&#@!! are they not getting my emails?

For marketers, email deliverability is almost always an afterthought. The only time email deliverability best practices get any attention is when there is a problem and people are not receiving emails.

INtelligent Direct: Four Simple Tactics to Get More People to Open Your Emails

Measuring the success of an email campaign by its open rate may seem like a dated metric, but the open rate is perhaps the most critical measurement smart marketers need to understand when determining good (or bad) email results.

INtelligent Direct: Email Design Evolution

Email design best practices have evolved a lot over the last 10 years. All changes prompted by how email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) render email and how spam filter software impacts deliverability.

INtelligent Direct: Marketing Channel ROI Basics

It is the return on investment (ROI) that many look to as the key to answering the question, “Is our marketing