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Weekly INsight: The First Step: Listen

Listening is a science but we treat it as an art. Marketing is losing it focus because it is not listening – to its data, customers, prospects, and stakeholders. It’s time to change this.

INtelligent Data: Privacy, PII and Marketing … Oh My!

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. What data, that wasn’t provided directly to their organization, can marketers use to market their products/services without getting in trouble?

INtelligent Data: Why Direct Mail is Important to Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is here to stay. Enhance and personalize your customer experience with a modern marketing mix of evolving digital methods and traditional direct mail.

Big data

Weekly INsight: The Sphere of Knowledge

As soon as we learn something new or apply a new idea into practice, we quickly realize we missed something and that’s why our perimeter of ignorance lengthens. This is why marketing can never rest or become stagnant.

INtelligent Data: Wild West of Digital Marketing

The United States has relaxed internet compliance and privacy laws making the digital marketing landscape more like the wild west. While we catch up to other countries with more restrictive laws on privacy and PII, what works and isn’t creepy are Website to Direct Mail programs.

Weekly INsight: 2018 – The Year We Flip the Switch

Marketing teams are facing multiple challenges in 2018. Will they rely on the traditional excuses or find new ways to grow the business.

Weekly INsight: Hell Yes, It’s Personal

Brands are directly impacted by how customers do business with them. The reason all customers are not the same is because each one is on a personal journey with every brand. Where the customer is on the journey determines how we stay connect.

Weekly INsight: Referral Marketing

With so many technology options for brands to connect with consumers, it has been easy to overlook Referral Marketing as a word-of-mouth strategy that trumps influencer marketing.