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INtelligent Direct: Marketing Attribution with Google UTM Codes

If you use Google Analytics on your website and you want to understand where traffic and/or conversions are coming from so you know what activity is attributed to your marketing efforts, then read on.

INtelligent Direct: Blog Content Optimization

In order to drive traffic to your site and improve your search results, you need to be strategic in your writing.

INtelligent Direct: 2019 Digital Summit Takeaways

The two days flew by, but there were a lot of takeaways from each session as well as some common points from all sessions combined.

INtelligent Direct: Finding Inspiration

Here are three resources to consider the next time you need some inspiration in creating impactful direct marketing.

Generation Playbook

INtelligent Direct: A Marketer Generation Playbook

Marketers focus mainly on three generational cohorts that are actively contributing to the majority of online/offline purchase behavior in the United States.

INtelligent Direct: 3 Simple Tips to Avoid Burnout

Even if you love your job, the never-ending projects, emails and meeting notifications can build up until you are far beyond your capacity as a living, working human.

INtelligent Direct: Change the Channel to Engage Inactive Email Subscribers

A typical Win-Back strategy encourages marketers to send a compelling message via email 2-3 times before you permanently suppress subscribers from future emails. This doesn’t make sense anymore.

INtelligent Direct: Celebrating Success

We need to focus less on the traditional thought of work-life balance and evolve our thinking to version 2.0: work-life harmony.