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Content Queen: Readability

The goal is to get people to linger on your copy. That’s why it is crucial to make it as easy as possible for people to find whether you are selling what they are buying.

Weekly INsight: The Winning Edge

What is the winning edge? Is it personalization? Customization? Segmentation? Is it digital? Print? Word of mouth? Is it great data? Copy? Graphics?

INtelligent Direct: Marketing Channel ROI Basics

It is the return on investment (ROI) that many look to as the key to answering the question, “Is our marketing

Weekly INsight: Loyalty

While customer loyalty may be dead, people still shop or buy. They have preferences about what they buy, and marketing can still influence them to buy your product or service.

INtelligent Data: Internet Tracking Trade Offs

We want to know what you think! Please take two minutes to anonymously answer the top five questions pertaining to internet tracking.

Weekly INsight: Time

As marketers, we are often challenged to make time to develop the most powerful call to action message for our brands. We have to make sure that message is time worthy.

Weekly INsight: Digital Made Simple

We have made the art and science of marketing too complicated and made consumers too complex. I vote for practical and simple, which is not easy.

Content Queen: Assumption and Comprehension No Nos

You don’t want to turn your readers off by making your content too technical or overloaded with jargon and industry-speak.