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INtelligent Direct: Five Keys to Improving your Direct Mail Response Rate

We can all agree that there is some bad junk mail in our mailbox each day. But as much as we discount some wasteful efforts, there are some interesting, engaging and visually stunning pieces of printed marketing that stand out.

INtelligent Direct: Why the $%&#@!! are they not getting my emails?

For marketers, email deliverability is almost always an afterthought. The only time email deliverability best practices get any attention is when there is a problem and people are not receiving emails.

INtelligent Direct: Four Simple Tactics to Get More People to Open Your Emails

Measuring the success of an email campaign by its open rate may seem like a dated metric, but the open rate is perhaps the most critical measurement smart marketers need to understand when determining good (or bad) email results.

INtelligent Direct: Email Design Evolution

Email design best practices have evolved a lot over the last 10 years. All changes prompted by how email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) render email and how spam filter software impacts deliverability.

INtelligent Direct: Direct Mail Checklist

Whether you are an experienced marketer or new to the industry, the following overview and checklist can be useful in planning your next direct mail effort.

Weekly INsight: The Secret Sauce

AI has positive applications, buy it’s not a prime-time marketing solution. Marketing still requires human intelligence rather than AI.

INtelligent Direct: The Art of Storytelling & Video Production

An emotional connection and a memory are formed when hearing a story either from a person, a live speaker at a meeting, a recorded speaking engagement, a webinar, a book or a very powerful storytelling tool – video.

Weekly INsight: Programmatic Marketing

We can’t seem to get enough data and after we get it, we really don’t know what to do with it. The easy answer is to allow programmatic marketing to take over.