Copywriting Powered by AI

AI copywriting is working hard in the lead generation space in emails or pulling prospects further down the sales funnel using educational blog posts and online articles.

Mindset Hack: Eliminating Fear of the Unknown

Mindsets can be hacked, on purpose, to help facilitate growth no matter how great the resistance is to try something new.

Vanity URLs and Their Role in Marketing

When driving eyes from a print piece to somewhere online, a vanity URL CTA will ensure people get there.

Email Design: WYSINAWYG

When it comes to email flat design proofs for approval, what you see is not always what you get.

When to Hit the Ball INSIDE the Fence – Geofence Basics

What matters is where that mobile device is and if that device is in a place where you would want to reach individuals in that place with an ad impression.

Marketing Automation Platform Blues

The term automation tricks many marketers into thinking that the marketing just happens by itself.

Audio Ads Go Direct & Digital

Transitioning ad budgets from traditional radio to programmatic audio means shifting how audio ads are served to an audience.

Display Ad Animation Do’s and Do Not’s

Tips for making your display advertising creative stand out on a web page.