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INtelligent Data: CASL and GDPR Compliance Best Practices for Marketers

Marketers, as regulations like CASL and GDPR enforce compliance with dollar signs, and lots of them, make sure you dot your Is and cross your Ts and DO NOT assume IT is handling it.

Weekly INsight: Because We Can

Customer loyalty was the holy grail of marketing. Fast forward to marketing in the Age of NOW, it’s not your customers’ lifetime value to your brand that’s important; it’s your brand’s lifetime value to your customer(s) that is important.

Content Queen: The Art of Making Copy Just Right

Maybe you write your own copy. Or maybe you hire a professional. Either way, it’s valuable and smart to learn about what makes copy effective.

Weekly INsight: Learning Curves

Learn something new about your marketing ecosystem and you’ll always be one step ahead of your competition.

INtelligent Direct: The Future of Direct Marketing – Integrating Print & Digital

Modern direct marketing is measured marketing on multiple channels because customers are listening on multiple channels. Direct mail is 1-channel with proven ROI to integrate into your direct marketing mix.

Weekly INsight: Data, Data Everywhere

Data is the plankton that feeds the marketing ecosystem.

Test, Test, Test to Boost Your Direct Mail Efforts

Direct mail testing is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing, long-term strategy. Once you have identified a control (through past performance or other means), you should be regularly testing the variables to determine the best performing mailer.


Weekly Insight: Direct Marketing Circa 2018

Direct is more than mail. It covers all the ways marketers can connect with and stay connected with buyers, consumers and customers.