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Weekly INsight: Digital Made Simple

We have made the art and science of marketing too complicated and made consumers too complex. I vote for practical and simple, which is not easy.

INtelligent Direct: The Future of Direct Marketing – Integrating Print & Digital

Modern direct marketing is measured marketing on multiple channels because customers are listening on multiple channels. Direct mail is 1-channel with proven ROI to integrate into your direct marketing mix.

Weekly INsight: JUST BE THERE

All the latest marketing speak has focused on the importance of engaging with our customers and creating experiences to inspire them to buy. JBT = Just Be There.

Weekly INsight: IMC – Integrated Marketing Communications

The new role of marketing is to understand and meet (at a minimum) the expectations & needs of the consumer, making it easier to do business with the brand.

Facebook ads

Digital Marketing 101: Facebook ads

Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called Facebook? We walk you through how to successfully use Facebook ads as a strategic part of your marketing toolkit.

remote workers

Building a community for remote workers

Read how remote work changed the life of one ID employee – and the projects he manages.

display advertising

Digital Marketing 101: display advertising

In our information-heavy society, display ads allow you to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Learn what they are and when you may want to use them.

Gmail ads

Digital Marketing 101: Gmail ads

Our ongoing series of Digital Marketing 101 turns to Gmail ads and how they can deliver a targeted message to your audience.