What Analytics Can’t Do – Our Pixel Can


Google Analytics or other web analytic programs will tell you how users (aka visitors) are using your site – information such as popular pages, how long people stayed on pages, number of active users, age, gender, geo, new visitor vs. returning, etc. What Google Analytics doesn’t tell you is who the person is or what about them and their behaviors might make them an ideal prospect to communicate to and then let you actually communicate with them. 

If your website sees 25K unique visitors per month or more, Infinity Direct can generate a pixel that can help you understand your visitors at a deeper level and more importantly, then take immediate action on that information. The action could be sending a mailer, deploying an email, serving a display ad and/or serving a social ad to those specific website visitors. We can also scale to look-alikes to increase the reach of your offer.

Remember, website visitors are already familiar with your brand and raising their hand that they are interested in learning more about you. If you don’t want to send mail, emails or ads to all visitors, you can drill down deeper into segments, attributes to get to your ideal target, such as:

Popular Demographic/Household Attributes

  • Household Income
  • Marital Status
  • Owns or Rents
  • Dwelling Type

Popular Behavioral Attributes

  • Type of Consumer
    • Home Decor
    • Apparel
    • Electronics and Gadgets
    • Tabletop/Dining
    • Home Domestics
    • Furniture
    • Accessories
    • Travel
    • Computers

What could you do with the info?

  • Create buyer personas and/or audience segmentation to customize your messaging or offer to each group
  • Get a mail file to send identified visitors a mailer
  • Send visitors a retargeted email
  • Retarget visitors with display ads on popular websites
  • Retarget visitors with an ad in their Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn feeds

We typically start with the direct mail channel and then layer on digital channels when appropriate. We lead with direct mail for many reasons, including:

  • Competition in the mailbox is low
  • 82% of mail is opened
  • 47% of mail is read or scanned
  • Highest response rates of all marketing channels
  • 5x more likely to be remembered compared to digital channels
  • Don’t need explicit consent to send direct mail

We also understand that for some types of products with a fast sales cycle, immediacy matters. Layering digital channels with direct mail serves digital retargeted impressions first, where direct mail acts as a follow-up to increase the odds of a purchase (if it hasn’t happened yet) or influences repeat purchases. 

In summary, you’re sitting on a gold mine of data about customers that Google Analytics can’t help you reach. If you want to reach them, let’s talk.

Jenny Lassi • April 27, 2021

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