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Weekly INsight: Digital Made Simple

We have made the art and science of marketing too complicated and made consumers too complex. I vote for practical and simple, which is not easy.


Weekly Insight: Direct Marketing Circa 2018

Direct is more than mail. It covers all the ways marketers can connect with and stay connected with buyers, consumers and customers.

Sending bulk emails using your work Outlook?

Have you always wondered why sending bulk email to multiple recipients from your work Outlook instead of an ESP is a bad idea?

Facebook ads

Digital Marketing 101: Facebook ads

Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing called Facebook? We walk you through how to successfully use Facebook ads as a strategic part of your marketing toolkit.

Email subject line

Email Marketing 101: subject lines and preheaders

If you don’t give careful thought to the subject lines and preheaders of your marketing emails, your carefully written content may never even be seen. We walk you through some guidelines.

Email design

Email Marketing 101: design

Over the years, email has quietly undergone many evolutions. Is your technical know-how of good email design up-to-date?

display advertising

Digital Marketing 101: display advertising

In our information-heavy society, display ads allow you to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Learn what they are and when you may want to use them.

Gmail ads

Digital Marketing 101: Gmail ads

Our ongoing series of Digital Marketing 101 turns to Gmail ads and how they can deliver a targeted message to your audience.