How Marketers Can Balance Data Privacy Concerns & Personalization

AI can create highly targeted marketing strategies by analyzing vast amounts of data, but this raises significant concerns about data security and the potential misuse of personal information​.

Understanding Digital Ad Impression Pacing: Navigating the Impact of National Holidays

Various factors can influence impression pacing, and one significant factor is the occurrence of national holidays.

The Green Revolution: Making Direct Mail Sustainable and Fun!

Let’s sprinkle some sustainability magic on this old-school marketing tactic!

Unlocking Insights: A Senior Database Marketing Analyst Shares Expert Answers to Your Burning Questions

Identifying insights in a dataset to help target effectively isn’t wizardry.

Beyond The QR Code Scan – Tracking Powered by UTM Codes

Enjoy greater insight into which pages QR code scanners visited after the scan. 

Privacy Compliance & Consumer Communication Preferences

What consumers really need/want is a communications preference center so they can choose what and where they want to see your messaging.

APIs Simplified: Securely Transporting Data from Point A to B

Data exchange via API requires creating an API and giving API access to parties to consume the data.

Demystifying the Art of Crafting HTML Emails

Many marketers think that a flat design is where it ends. That is only the beginning of creating responsive HTML emails.

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