Why a Professional Copywriter

Is it best to write your own content or turn to a professional?

Proofing Checklist for Direct Marketers

It’s important to have a process for reviewing your direct mail/email so that nothing incorrect – or embarrassing – slips through the cracks.

Grammar Lesson – i.e. vs. e.g.

Did you know there was a difference between i.e. and e.g.? They have distinctly different meanings, but are frequently confused by many writers. Here is a quick tutorial on what they mean, how to remember them and some examples of how to use them correctly.

How to Properly Sign your Holiday Cards

’Tis the season that makes all grammar and punctuation nerds cringe. I’m talking about Christmas cards and how to sign them. Specifically, how to correctly make your family name plural.

Content Oopsies!

Since there’s no magic button that allows you to undo your mistake, what are your options? Depending on the severity of your blunder, you have options.

Content Readability

The goal is to get people to linger on your copy. That’s why it is crucial to make it as easy as possible for people to find whether you are selling what they are buying.

Assumption and Comprehension No Nos

You don’t want to turn your readers off by making your content too technical or overloaded with jargon and industry-speak.