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Weekly INsight: EVOLUTION

As the digital ecosystem evolves, marketing teams are faced with a significant opportunity to readjust their thinking and capture the power of direct.

INtelligent Direct: The Future of Direct Marketing – Integrating Print & Digital

Modern direct marketing is measured marketing on multiple channels because customers are listening on multiple channels. Direct mail is 1-channel with proven ROI to integrate into your direct marketing mix.

Weekly INsight: Data, Data Everywhere

Data is the plankton that feeds the marketing ecosystem.

Test, Test, Test to Boost Your Direct Mail Efforts

Direct mail testing is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing, long-term strategy. Once you have identified a control (through past performance or other means), you should be regularly testing the variables to determine the best performing mailer.


Weekly Insight: Direct Marketing Circa 2018

Direct is more than mail. It covers all the ways marketers can connect with and stay connected with buyers, consumers and customers.

INtelligent Data: Why Direct Mail is Important to Data-Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is here to stay. Enhance and personalize your customer experience with a modern marketing mix of evolving digital methods and traditional direct mail.

White space

Effective design starts with white space

Clarity and organization are as important to graphic design as they are to writing. How is your use of white space affecting the message you’re trying to convey?

Big data

Do you suffer from BDP – Big Data Paralysis?

Today’s marketer has access to more information than ever before, which can lead to Big Data Paralysis. Learn how to remedy BDP with strategies from one of our directors.