Content Queen: What’s the big deal about proofreading?

You have an exceptional product or service. You have a killer marketing plan. You’re ready to go. What could possibly trip you up? One pitfall could be letting all your hard work be overshadowed by poor content. Content includes many things – from writing style to headlines to punctuation – and we will address many of these topics in the future. For today, let’s focus on the importance of proofreading.

You might assume that people don’t notice errors and that they will understand your message regardless of typos or poor grammar. You would be wrong. Errors and inconsistencies convey a message of carelessness and can diminish readers’ confidence in you and what you’re offering.

Inaccurate grammar, misspellings and usage mistakes do not go unnoticed. A piece that is riddled with errors is difficult to read. If your readers are distracted or tripped up by grammar, spelling or style inconsistencies, your message gets diluted. By following the rules and standards of language and style guides, your message takes center stage. Following an agreed-upon style helps support your brand identity and gives you credibility.

Imagine if there were no traffic signs, signals or laws. Chaos would ensue, right? Traffic laws make driving safe and efficient because everyone knows what a stop sign, a flashing yellow light and speed limits are for. Think of the rules of the road as an analogy for proofreading. Because everyone knows what a period, comma and a question mark mean, reading and understanding the written word is easier. Don’t let poor proofreading and editing, or absence of both, become a message road block.


Amy Fischer • January 31, 2018

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