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Infinity Direct launches dedicated agriculture division

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Infinity Direct (ID) has created a new division – Infinity Direct Agriculture – to serve our existing agriculture clients and meet the growing demand for experienced, data-driven direct marketing in the agriculture industry.

“While a number of big agencies work with agriculture companies on their branding, public relations and media, there is a real lack of direct marketing agencies with meaningful agriculture experience serving clients in this sector,” says ID Chief Executive Officer Tom Harding. “Infinity Direct is perfectly positioned to fill this void – not only do we have a long history of direct marketing success and experience serving agriculture, but several of our executives, myself included, come from farming families and still manage farms to this day.”

Though the public often perceives agriculture as a shrinking or declining industry, ID executives say the opposite is true. “This is a $200 billion industry that has always been on the cutting edge of technology and innovation,” says ID Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President Shawn Harding. “In the coming years, the need for innovation in agriculture will only increase as the world’s population and demand for agricultural products continues to grow.”

Using data-driven direct marketing, Infinity Direct Agriculture will help agriculture brands connect with the agricultural dealers and co-ops and the producers themselves. “We have invested a lot of energy mining data and exploring the intricacies of the agricultural market,” says Tom. “We know that the average farmer reads their mail, making direct marketing an ideal way to reach these prospects.”

In preparation for the launch of Infinity Direct Agriculture, we have taken a leadership role in the National Agri-Marketing Association (NAMA) and hired experienced agricultural marketer Bernie Napolski. In addition, we have made a significant investment in growing our in-house database of farm records. “We are taking a data-centric approach to this new division,” says Shawn. “By growing our data intelligence capabilities we will be able to quickly and easily help our clients build a deeper and more meaningful understanding of who their producers are – giving their dealers and sales networks tangible, actionable insights.”

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Victoria Wise • May 19, 2014

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